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2009-11-19 DCC Progress

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The latest spreadsheet of data submissions is here:

Data Freeze

Since the last report, the DCC has received 32 experiment submissions for the September 2009 freeze, for a total of 200. Of these, 16 have been released and 73 are undergoing quality review. For all freezes, a total of 527 experiment submissions have been received. See the Experiment Submission Spreadsheet for details. All but 39 of these are displayed on the test server.

The next freeze is scheduled for January 15, 2010. This data will be reported on hg18, as in previous freezes, with the migration to hg19 scheduled for the spring timeframe.

Data Release Status

None for this month, due to freeze.

ARRA Grants and Mouse ENCODE

The DCC has contacted the PI's for the 5 new grants, and will be working to set up data agreements for their first datasets.

Planning for ENCODE transition to GRCh37 (hg19)

A resource page for this has been set up here. There is also a Working Group section.

DCC is hiring

The UCSC Genome Bioinformatics group is looking for talented bioinformaticians, software developers (with a bio bent), and biologists (computer-savvy) to join the ENCODE DCC and Genome Browser team. We have both engineering and quality assurance positions to fill. Please have interested parties contact us.

Outreach and data accessibility

With the completion of the first two years of the project, and the sizeable datasets now housed at the DCC, we will be putting more effort into outreach and improving data accessibility. A short paper describing the production ENCODE data at the DCC will soon be published as a Featured Article (in conjunction with the annual UCSC Genome Browser update) in the Nucleic Acids Research 2010 database issue. Advance access to these articles is available here.