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2010-Consortia Meeting

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome and Meeting Goals

ENCODE Data, Analysis and Highlights

Highlights of ENCODE Achievements

modENCODE Data, Analysis and Highlights

Highlights of modENCODE Achievements

Introduction of new ARRA-funded projects

Mouse RC2 projects

Other RC2

Other ARRA projects

Updates from Data Coordination Centers

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Report back from previous day’s Breakout Sessions

Hot Topics Presentations

Speaker: Zhi John Lu

Speaker: Delphine Fagegaltier

Speaker: Ben Brown

Speaker: Ali Mortazavi

Speaker: Yuri Schwartz

Speaker: Yijun Ruan

Lightning Talks

Speaker: Steve Parker

Speaker: Timo Lassman

Speaker: Angela Brooks

Speaker: Julie Ahringer

Speaker: Charles Epstein

Speaker: Qunhua Li

Speaker: Flo Pauli

Speaker: Kevin Yip

Speaker: Pouya Kheradpour

Speaker: Orion Buske

Speaker: Matthew Eaton

Speaker: Greg Crawford

Speaker: John Stamatoyannopoulos

Analysis Working Group Updates

Meeting Summaries

Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Updates

Epigenomics Roadmap Table of Experiments

Community outreach and cross-consortia activities

Reports back from Vision for the Future Breakout Sessions

  • ENCODE - Michael Snyder and John Stamatoyannopoulos
  • modENCODE - Brian Oliver and Robert Waterston

Collective Brainstorming on the Future of ENCODE and modENCODE

Meeting Summary

Consortia Photo

2010 ENCODE and modENCODE Consortia: [1]


The 2010 mod/ENCODE Consortia Meeting will be held March 10-12 in the Bethesda-DC area. More information about travel from DC area airports to the meeting location and for contact information for the meeting, please see the meeting webpage:

Updated 2/26/10

March 2010 Consortia Meeting Deadlines
Date Deadline Contact
January 22 List of requested attendees due Send to Julia Zhang (
February 5 Abstracts due to NHGRI Send to Julia Zhang (
February 19 Production summaries due to NHGRI
March 10-12 Consortia Meeting


FINAL agenda

Combined Production Summaries


March 2010 ENCODE workshop presentations