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Criteria for selection of ENCODE Tier1/Tier2 cell types

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Tier 1 cell types were chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Relatively homogeneous population can be obtained in sufficient numbers
2. At least one of the chosen cell lines should have a relatively normal karyotype (though each will undergoing genotyping/copy number analysis)
3. Relatively easy to grow
4. Works in ChIP, DNase, RNA preps, etc.
5. Experiments could begin immediately

Tier 2 cell types met the following additional criteria:
1. Useful model system for development, normal physiology and/or cancer; likely to illuminate novel biology/genomic elements
2. Increases lineage representation of ENCODE cells (mesoderm/endoderm/ectoderm)
3. If difficult to grow, a commercial source must be identified
4. If a tissue is chosen, plans for distribution of the tissue will be provided