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Experimental Validation Conference Call Presentations

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2010 Experimental Validation Conference Call Minutes

2nd February 2010 Minutes

23rd March 2010 Minutes

30th March 2010 Minutes

20th April 2010 Minutes

27th April 2010 Minutes

4th May 2010 Minutes

11th May 2010 Minutes

18th May 2010 Minutes

25th May 2010 Minutes

1st June 2010 Minutes

8th June 2010 Minutes

15th June 2010 Minutes

22nd June 2010 Minutes

6th July 2010 Minutes

13th July 2010 Minutes

27th July 2010 Minutes

10th August 2010 Minutes

17th August 2010 Minutes

31st August 2010 Minutes

14th September 2010 Minutes

21st September 2010 Minutes

28th September 2010 Minutes

5th October 2010 Minutes

19th October 2010 Minutes

2nd November 2010 Minutes

23rd November 2010 Minutes

7th December 2010 Minutes

14th December 2010 Minutes

2010 Experimental Validation Conference Call Presentations

2nd February 2010 Why so few reads map on batch II? (CH)

2nd February 2010 Transcriptome/Dimerization/CEJ (TD)

9th February 2010 Preliminary Results: CEJ (TD)

2nd March 2010 Validation of the mono-exonic annotations (CH)

2nd March 2010 New Primer Design (AT)‎

2nd March 2010 Validation rate and primers unicity (TD)

23rd March 2010 Why so few reads match on batch II? (CH)

30th March 2010 Update: Primer design for batch III (AT)

30th March 2010 Update: Why so few reads match on batch II? (CH)

18th May 2010 Summary RGASP Primer Design (AT)

25th May 2010 Positive Controls(Lausanne)

27th July 2010 Primer Selection (AT)

3rd August 2010 Primer Design Summary (AT)

10th August 2010 Update: Nanostring vs QPCR (CH)

31st August 2010 Primer Optimisation (AT)

14th September 2010 Primer Optimisation (CH)

21st September 2010 Batch IV Analysis (Heart & Testis) (CH)

28th September 2010 Batch IV part 1 Results (AT)

5th October 2010 Batch IV Updates (CH)

19th October 2010 Comparison Table (AT)

2nd November 2010 Batch IV Unvalidated Cases (CH)

Batch All Validation Rate (CH)
Batch I Validation Rate (CH)
Batch II Validation Rate (CH)
Batch IV Validation Rate (CH)

23rd November 2010 Batch IV Split Mapping (CH)

23rd November 2010 Batch IV 3 way validation (AT)