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Experimental Validation Conference Call Presentations 2011

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2011 Experimental Validation Batch Status

Batch, Number of Genes, Status

Batch 1, 648, Released

Batch 2, 738, Released

Batch 3, RGASP

Batch 4, 1108, Released

Batch 5, 1942, Submitted/Not released

Batch 6, 2549, Started/Not completed

--Sg10 05:28, 9 August 2011 (PDT)

2011 Experimental Validation Conference Call Minutes

11th January 2011 Minutes

25th January 2011 Minutes

8th February 2011 Minutes

22nd February 2011 Minutes

22nd March 2011 Minutes

20th April 2011 Minutes

27th April 2011 Minutes

3rd May 2011 Minutes

17th May 2011 Minutes

8th June 2011 Minutes

23rd June 2011 Minutes

5th July 2011 Minutes

21st July 2011 Minutes

9th August 2011 Minutes

23rd August 2011 Minutes

6th September 2011 Minutes

22nd September 2011 Minutes

4th October 2011 Minutes

1st November 2011 Minutes

15th November 2011 Minutes

29th November 2011 Minutes

13th December 2011 Minutes

2011 Experimental Validation Conference Call Presentations

11th January 2011 Batch V Primer Design (AT)

25th January 2011 Validation new cDNA (AT)

8th February 2011 Batch IV: testis new cDNA run (CH)

8th February 2011 Batch I Sequences (FK)

20th April 2011 Evaluation of de novo transcript models (AT/RG)

3rd May 2011 Batch V problem (CH)

3rd May 2011 Primer design for pseudogenes (AT)

17th May 2011 Batch V quality filtering (CH)

8th June 2011 Batch V 3 way validation (AT)

23rd June 2011 Batch V results/Batch VI status (CH)

5th July 2011 Batch V Split Mapping (CH‎)

9th August 2011 Batch V 3 way validation part 2 (AT)

9th August 2011 Summary primer design for pseudogenes (AT)

23rd August 2011 Batch V 3 way validation part 2 & Comparison of primers designed for GENCODE 6 (AT)

23rd August 2011 Paper Figures (CH)

6th September 2011 Final results for pseudogenes primer design (AT)

4th October 2011 Crossvalidation using PE HBM data (AT)

4th October 2011 Extra slide (AT)

1st November 2011 Crossvalidation using ENCODE (AT)

15th November 2011 RACE primer selection pipeline (JL)

13th December 2011 Cufflinks primer (AT)