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GENCODE Autumn Meeting 2011

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Short Talks

Sanger (JH)

What is GENCODE (BA)

Yale (CS)

CNIO (MT) No presentation


Lausanne (CH)

GENCODE Transcription Support Levels (MD/SS)‎

Current Build Statistics


Tom Gingeras

What techniques are mature enough to be incorporated into the production process for the next RFA? Potential experimental techniques for next RFA?

Yale (BP)

Tom Gingeras

Lausanne (AR)

Potential computational techniques for next RFA?

CNIO (MT) No presentation

Ensembl (SS)

Discussion of papers and current analysis


Experimental (AR)

GENCODE User's Manual (MD) No presentation

Pseudogenes (BP)

lncRNA (RG)

Plans going forward/Aims for next year

2010 plans (TH)

2011 plans (TH)