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GENCODE Conference Calls 2009

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2009 GENCODE Conference Call Minutes

6th January 2009 minutes

27th January 2009 minutes

10th February 2009 minutes

24th February 2009 minutes

10th March 2009 minutes

7th April 2009 minutes

12th May 2009 minutes

26th May 2009 minutes

9th June 2009 minutes

23rd June 2009 minutes

7th July 2009 minutes

21st July 2009 minutes

1st September 2009 minutes

15th September 2009 minutes

29th September 2009 minutes

13th October 2009 minutes

24th November 2009 minutes

8th December 2009 minutes

2009 GENCODE Conference Call Presentations

6th January 2009 Lausanne presentation

27th January 2009 CNIO presentation

10th February 2009 Washington University RNASeq plans presentation

24th February 2009 Sanger annotation at UCSC presentation

24th February 2009 Sanger presentation on RNASeq gene models from Wold lab

10th March 2009 CRG Gene finding with RNASeq presentation

7th April 2009 MIT presentation on CONGO Exons

21st April 2009 Yale presentation on Yale Pseudogenes

12th May 2009 UCSC presentation on variant splice sites

26th May 2009 Lausanne presentation on experimental verification

9th June 2009 CNIO presentation on Principle Splice Isoforms

23rd June 2009 Washington University hg19 predictions presentation

23rd June 2009 CRG pseudogene analysis presentation

7th July 2009 GENCODE outline Sanger presentation

21st July 2009 Using RNASeq CRG presentation

4th August 2009 MIT update: wrapping up CONGO exons

1st September 2009 Yale presentation on Yale Pseudogenes

15th September 2009 UCSC update presentation

13th October 2009 Lausanne presentation

24th November 2009 WashU presentation

8th December 2009 Sanger presentation