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GENCODE Conference Calls 2010

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2010 GENCODE Conference Call Minutes

5th January 2010 minutes

19th January 2010 minutes‎

2nd February 2010 minutes

16th February 2010 minutes

2nd March 2010 minutes

30th March 2010 minutes

4th May 2010 minutes

18th May 2010 minutes

8th June 2010 minutes

22nd June 2010 minutes

31st August 2010 minutes

14th September 2010 minutes

28th September 2010 minutes

12th October 2010 minutes

26th October 2010 minutes

9th November 2010 minutes

23rd November 2010 minutes

2010 GENCODE Conference Call Presentations

5th January 2010 MIT presentation

19th January 2010 UCSC presentation

19th January 2010 Yale presentation

19th January 2010 Notes for Confidence Classification

2nd February 2010 UCSC presentation, CCDS: Lost and Found‎

16th February 2010 Lausanne/CRG presentation, Experimental Validation Pipeline

2nd March 2010 CNIO presentation, APRIS

30th March 2010 WashU presentation, Our bEST efforts

30th March 2010 Yale presentation, non coding RNAs

13th April 2010 Sanger presentation, Confidence Levels

4th May 2010 MIT presentation

18th May 2010 UCSC presentation

18th May 2010 UCSC presentation, Confidence Levels

18th May 2010 Classification Flowcharts

8th June 2010 Yale presenation, Pseudogene Ontology

8th June 2010 Yale presenation, Reference Gene Set

22nd June 2010 CRG presentation, Long Noncoding RNA Candidates

3rd August 2010 Lausanne presentation, Experimental Validation

31st August 2010 WashU presentation, Nitpicking GENCODE 4 annotation

14th September 2010 Sanger presentation, Ensembl GENCODE

14th September 2010 Sanger presentation, Updates to HAVANA annotation guidelines

28th September 2010 MIT presentation, Body Map/Scripture data and DAS Sources

28th September 2010 Sanger presentation, QC update

12th October 2010 UCSC presentation, Prospective CCDS

26th October 2010 Yale presentation, RSEQtools

9th November 2010 CNIO presentation, Proteomics and annotation of the human genome

9th November 2010 Sanger presentation, Another avenue for analysis of pseudogenes

23rd November 2010 CRG presentation, Relationship between small ncRNAs and long RNAs

7th December 2010 Lausanne presentation, Experimental Validation

2010 GENCODE Conference Call WebEx Recordings

To download the WebEx Player for the .arf files (for mac) click here‎

14th September 2010 (first 15 mins missing)

28th September 2010

12th October 2010

26th October 2010

9th November 2010

23rd November 2010

7th December 2010