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GENCODE Conference Calls 2012

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2012 GENCODE Conference Call Minutes

10th January 2012 minutes

24th January 2012 minutes‎

7th February 2012 minutes‎

21st February 2012 minutes‎

6th March 2012 minutes‎

20th March 2012 minutes‎

3rd April 2012 minutes‎

1st May 2012 minutes‎

15th May 2012 minutes‎

29th May 2012 minutes‎ Unavailable

12th June 2012 minutes‎

10th July 2012 minutes‎

24th July 2012 minutes‎


4th September 2012 minutes‎

18th September 2012 minutes‎

2nd October 2012 minutes‎

16th October 2012 minutes‎

13th November 2012 minutes‎

[[Media:|27th November 2012 minutes‎]]

[[Media:|11th December 2012 minutes‎]]

2012 GENCODE Conference Call Presentations

10th January 2012 Sanger Presentation, HAVANA aims

24th January 2012 MIT Presentation, MIT Update‎

24th January 2012 HAVANA, Missing known coding locus

7th February 2012 UCSC Presentation, Upstream ORF and QC in GENCODE10

21st February 2012 Yale Presentation, The GENCODE Pseudogene Resource

20th March 2012 Lausanne Presentation, Experimental validation progress

3rd April 2012 CNIO Presentation, Coding genes and transcripts gone AWOL since 3C

1st May 2012 Sanger Presentation, Assembly patches in Ensembl

15th May 2012 CRG Presentation, Revisiting lncRNA annotation

29th May 2012 MIT Presentation, lncRNA expression across vertebrate species

10th July 2012 UCSC Presentation, CCDS Update and Upstream ORFs in GENCODE V12

10th July 2012 UCSC Presentation, Highlighting for GENCODE annotations

24th July 2012 Lausanne Presentation, Experimental Team Progress Report


4th September 2012 What to do when supporting evidence goes missing? A V12 QC question‎

4th September 2012 Yale Presentation, GENCODE Pseudogene Update and Comparative Studies

18th September 2012 CNIO Presentation, Update

2nd October 2012 Sanger Presentation, Ensembl

2nd October 2012 Sanger Presentation, Intron QC GENCODE12

16th October 2012 CRG Presentation, Detecting and comparing long non-coding RNA

13th November 2012 UCSC Presentation, Human and mouse CCDS update

27th November 2012 MIT Presentation, PhyloCSF Best Practices

11th December 2012

2012 GENCODE Conference Call WebEx Recordings

To download the WebEx Player for the .arf files (for mac) click here‎

10th January 2012

24th January 2012‎

7th February 2012‎

21st February 2012‎

6th March 2012‎

20th March 2012‎

3rd April 2012

1st May 2012

15th May 2012

29th May 2012

12th June 2012

10th July 2012

24th July 2012 Not Available


4th September 2012‎

18th September 2012

2nd October 2012‎

16th October 2012‎

13th November 2012‎

27th November 2012‎

[[Media:|11th December 2012‎]]

2012 GENCODE Conference Call Presentation Schedule

11th December 2012 Lausanne