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Gencode V12 summary

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  • Total number of genes/transcripts for which there are manual annotations: 42961 genes (of 53934 total), 152765 (of 183086 total)

Derived from details (below), as 'both manual + manual only'. Includes all transcript classes.

  • Total number of pseudogenes: 14707 genes, 15550 transcripts

Derived from details (below), as 'pseudo both + pseudo manual only + pseudo auto only'

Transcript report
transcriptClass source  count
nonCoding       both manual and automatic       3171
nonCoding       manual only     42222
nonCoding       automatic only  7372
pseudo  both manual and automatic       151
pseudo  manual only     12377
pseudo  automatic only  3022
coding  both manual and automatic       24906
coding  manual only     48428
coding  automatic only  19927
problem both manual and automatic       482
problem manual only     21028
problem automatic only  0
All     All     183086

Gene report
source  count
both manual and automatic       19717
manual only     23244
automatic only  10973
pseudo  both manual and automatic       1155
pseudo  manual only     11390
pseudo  automatic only  2162
All     53934
2-way pseudogenes       8942