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Genome variation

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Cat-herder - Gavin Sherlock

Resources for Variation

  1. Hudson Alpha is going to genotype hESC, Huvecs and Keratinocytes
    1. (will update when we know more)
  2. GM12878. This is present in the 1,000 genomes pilot 2 release at [[1]], README [[2]]

(We use the Pilot 2 data because Pilot 2 is the deep coverage of trios. GM12878 is the child in the European trio and this dataset is the best dataset on this individual. GM12878 and GM12891 and GM12892 are present in the other pilots, but the quality is not as good as it's inclusion in Pilot 1 (low coverage) and Pilot 3 (exome sequencing) is really to test those pilots vs Pilot 2).


MyersLab Update on Allele-specific events

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