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January 2010 Data Freeze

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This section is for scheduling approval teleconferences for data submitted during the freeze. Labs are urged to carefully review their data in the browser as soon as they are notified by their wrangler that it is ready for review. Review should focus on data quality, completeness, and metadata correctness (not cosmetics of browser display). During the call, the status of each dataset (approved for analysis or else revoked) will be finalized (a spreadsheet will be provided for this purpose).

These calls should be scheduled for the week of January 25 - 29. Labs should fill in their proposed times and emails for their attendees in the table below by January 20.

Lab Wrangler Lab approver(s) Dates/times proposed by lab Scheduled date/time Results
Broad Tim Noam Shoresh, Chuck Epstein 1/25 3-4:30pm; 1/26 1-3:30pm; 1/27 3-4:30pm; 1/29 1-3pm Wednesday 1/27 12-1pm PST (3-4pm EST) All submissions approved
Duke Tim, Brian, Melissa Terry Furey 1/25 2:30-4:30pm EST; 1/27 3-4:30pm EST Monday 1/25 11:30am-12:30pm PST (2:30-3:30pm EST) All submissions approved.
Three cell protocols await approval
Minor display issues TBD.
Sep 2009 peaks to be versioned.
Caltech Brian Georgi Marinov 1/27 1pm PST Wednesday 1/27 1pm PST (4pm EST) All January data accepted, labeling issues resolved (hopefully)
HudsonAlpha Tim, Brian Flo Pauli (HudsonAlpha), Rami Rauch (Stanford) 1/26 1-5PM CST Tuesday 1/26 1-2pm PST (3-4pm CST) All submissions approved except:
  Methyl Seq GM cells: flipped methyl/non (revoked)
Minor cosmetics: long label, signal settings, low score peaks
BU and NHGRI Brian Tom Tullius (BU), Steve Parker (NHGRI) 1/27 1-5PM EST; 1/28 1-4PM EST 11am PST on 1/28 Thursday (2pm EST) Approved. Needs new labels and splitting of content
Transcriptome Brian Carrie Davis (CSHL) 1/27 12:20 EST 1/27 12:30 EST All January Freeze Submissions approved
UMass-Dekker Kate Bryan Lajoie 1/26 11am-3pm EST, 1/28 11am-3pm EST 12:30 EST on January 28 January freeze submissions approve
UW Tim, Brian, Krish John, Raj, Richard 1/29 1-5 PM Friday 1/29: 1/29 1-2pm PST All submissions approved.
No ChIP Inputs, GM12878 and Jurkat replicates need resolving
3 display issues and 2 grouping issues to resolve
Yale Tim Steve Landt, Phil LaCroute, Mike Wilson 1/26 10-12 PST Tuesday 1/26 10-11am PST (1-2pm EST) AG cell lines tied to missing IgG-rab. (using IgG-mus: approved)
HUVEC submissions have no paired controls (revoked)
HeLa-S3/Brg-1/IgG-mus wrong data (revoked)
All other submissions approved.

Submissions in January 2010 Data Freeze

The following google spreadsheet shows all successful data submissions for the Jan 2010 freeze, as reported by the DCC pipeline.

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This spreadsheet summarizes progress of submissions for the current freeze.

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