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November 2010 PI Group Analysis Meeting

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Rockville Meeting

Participants photo by Manolis Kellis

Greg Crawford, Roderic Guigo, Tom Gingeras, Laura Elnitski, Ross Hardison, Peter Good, Brad Bernstein, Morgan Giddings, Rick Myers, Zhiping Weng, Jason Leib, Ewan Birney, John Stam, Barbara Wold, Manolis Kellis, Leslie Adams, Job Dekker, Tim Hubbard, Ian Dunham, Michael Pazin, Mike Snyder, Elliott Margulies, Kate Rosenbloom

Rockville Meeting Documents

Draft Agenda

Introductory Slides pdf ppt

RNA presented by Roderic Guigo (with Tom Gingeras and Barbara Wold) pdf ppt

Chromatin presented by Brad Bernstein pptx

Comparative and Variation slides presented by Elliott Margulies and Ewan Birney

Functional Assays documents from Barbara Wold:


How does ENCODE data impact our understanding of other human biology? from Ross Hardison

Manolis' fly-modENCODE paper summary

DCC/Production group discussion (Jan11 freeze plan and data accessibility/usability) from Kate Rosenbloom