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Outreach brainstorming

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Outreach to the broader scientific community is a vital component of the ENCODE project. This area serves as a place to collect ideas on how to promote visibility of the ENCODE project and its data, and how to enable members of the scientific community to use ENCODE data more effectively.

Online educational material

  • Brief (< 2 minute) instructional videos that cover specific ENCODE-related topics, such as browser display settings, and are hyperlinked to the appropriate browser pages.
  • Online posting of conference presentations, posters, etc.
  • Online videos of any ENCODE-related training (such as Open Helix seminars?), ideally divided into shorter segments.


  • A 'Using ENCODE Data' tutorial journal article, ideally in an open-access journal such as PLoS Compbio (which publishes an extensive series of educational articles).
  • The tutorial article could tie in with video vignettes mentioned in the section above.

Workshops and Seminars

  • AN ISMB 'software demo' on accessing ENCODE data? It's a lot to fit into an hour, but a lot of ISMB participants are already adept at browser usage AND might potentially take an hour out of their conference schedule to come listen.
  • Workshop or additional session after a group workshop at a meeting where one-on-one help could be provided for individual users.

Additional Outreach Activities

  • Posters at conferences where the presenter provides OpenHelix materials and a handout a list of tutorial resources.
  • Exhibitors' table at conferences to provide literature and tutorial resources.