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Prep for Monthly status update

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Each month the DCC presents an update on the ENCODE Consortium call. Prior to the call, we create a status report and link to the Progress reports section of the DCC wiki page. To prepare the status report, we do the following.

On the Monday preceding the Friday call, prepare the report template:

  • Copy previous month's report, commenting out text within each section
  • Link to Progress reports section, adding the comment 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'
  • Copy wranglers report from previous month's report, create a new page for each, and link to the main report. There are two of these:
1. HG19 Track Status
2. MM9 Track Status

A suggested way to do this in the wiki is:

1. Copy old wrangler report entire page
2. Go to new DCC status page for the month
3. Edit the wiki section containing the wrangler report link
4. Change the link to the new date (Friday of the month)
5. Paste and save

Once this is done, email encode-staff to notify them that template is complete, and they need to have their section(s) complete by end-of-day Wednesday.

Guidelines for staff to fill in template are:

  • Main report: once a section is complete, remove commented-out text
  • Wrangler report: once a section is complete, add to the section just after the header:
    Updated  <date>  <your name>