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Cat-herder - Rick Myers


  • DNA Sequence Variants
    • Introduce Sequence Variant Group to 1000 Genomes: By Dec. 15
    • Get CGH data from Evan Eichler: By Jan. 15
    • CGH experiment on K562: By Jan. 30
    • Analyze control reads for variants: By Jan. 20
  • Cell Phenotyping
    • Identify lab to do the experiments (funding?): By Dec. 9
    • Immunocytochemistry and/or FACS for proteins: By Mar. 15
    • Cytogenetics: By Mar. 15
  • Biology of K562 and GM12878 cells
    • Check our genomic data for known expression, TFs, etc. By Jan. 30
    • Identify experts in erythroid/megakaryocyte and B cell biology By Jan. 15
  • Identify/discuss new ideas, new analyses, new experiments emanating from data analyses Ongoing



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