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Wrangler hiring

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Job description

Posted here: Media:WranglerJobDescription.doc

Screening materials

1) Writing sample, same as browser engineer screening (write 1 page on bio topic of interest)

2) Spreadsheet/editing test (for detail orientation)

Edit attached spreadsheet for consistency (use top rows as models). Provide corrected spreadsheet and plain-text tab-separated file.

3) Scripting test

Using favorite scripting language (perl or csh, bash preferred), reformat the attached file. Media:ScriptingTest.txt Provide script and reformatted file.

100 rows of chrN:start-end  score -> chrN  start-1  end  score

4) A few questions from Q/A test

Interview questions

Same as browser engineer, except remove C coding and OO design-related questions. Add a few from Q/A ?