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ENCODE Data Coordination Center (DCC)

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Progess reports

2012-09-21 DCC Progress

2012-08-17 DCC Progress

2012-07-20 DCC Progress

2012-06-15 DCC Progress

2012-05-18 DCC Progress

2012-04-20 DCC Progress

2012-03-16 DCC Progress

2012-02-17 DCC Progress

2012-01-20 DCC Progress

2011 DCC Progress

2010 DCC Progress

2009 DCC Progress

2008 DCC Progress

Quarterly reports

Period ending September 30, 2012

  • Validation documents submitted: None
  • GENCODE stats: No submission this period

Period ending June 30, 2012

  • Validation documents submitted: None

Period ending March 31, 2012



2011 Quarterly Reports

DCC Presentations and Pubs

Links for ENCODE DCC internal use

  • Recommended Standards for Reporting mod/ENCODE Data. Designed for ChIP-seq, but also used for DNase-seq and FAIRE-seq.