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Experiment Progress Chart

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The experiment progress chart is currently implemented as a Google Document, to provide table editing features not available in the wiki. To edit the chart document (below):

  • Open this Login link in a new window, and login to your Google Account or use the shared ENCODE experimenter's account, below.
    Password: encodehuman
  • Click the 'Edit this page' link at the bottom of the document, below.
  • Please maintain alphabetical order when adding rows.
  • When adding a large number of entries, it may be convenient to use the

HTML editing mode. This allows you to prepare your additions in an editor of choice. The 'HTML Edit' option is available from the Google Docs 'Edit' pulldown menu.

  • If using the shared account, remember to 'Save' frequently and verify that your changes have been accepted. Click the 'Sign out' link in your login window when you are finished.
  • If your Google account has not yet been added as a collaborator, click the 'request access to this document' link on the Google notification page. You will receive email when you have access.

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