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Public Outreach for ENCODE

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Training materials for the UCSC Genome Browser are currently available from this page:

UCSC sponsors these materials and they are freely available to use for non-profit teaching, training, and personal lifelong learning.

There is an Introductory Tutorial that provides basic searches and overviews, organization, display features. We also introduce BLAT, in silico PCR, Proteome browser and VisiGene in this segment.

An Advanced Tutorial covers Table Browser and Custom Tracks.

The movies are in our update queue at this time. The slides will be updated this month (July 2008). The exercises are current.

As the ENCODE project progresses, the training materials will be supplemented with an ENCODE segment and exercises that use ENCODE data.

Quick Reference Cards can be ordered from the landing page, and we will ship them to you. These will be updated with ENCODE features soon as well. These are popular handouts for seminars and classes.

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Sandbox (Ideas)

Outreach brainstorming to further improve / expand knowledge of ENCODE and its data, and facilitate use of the data within the larger scientific community.